1. All judges must keep, breed and exhibit Border Fancy Canaries, or be actively involved in the Border Fancy Canary Club.
  2. To maintain their status all Panel Judges must officiate at a minimum of any two (2) shows per year.
  3. Must attend at least one (1) meeting of judges per year.
  4. Must be a good ambassador for the Border Fancy Canary Club.
  5. All judges have the power to disqualify any exhibit when an infringement of the Border Fancy Canary Club Show Rules, or Constitution, has occurred and must furnish a full report of the incident to the Border Club immediately following the occurrence of the infringement.
  6. Ensure that all birds showing signs of illness of any kind are removed from the show bench immediately.
  7. Judging sticks should be used only with discretion.
  8. To be conversant with and abide by the following ethics:
    1. To be honest in our endeavours at all times.
    2. To judge to the best of our ability to the Border Fancy Canary Club Standard of the day.
    3. To be of a neat attire.
    4. To act in accordance with the wishes of a society or Governing Body, providing such act is ethical.
    5. Never to be derogatory toward a colleague judge.
    6. Never discuss a Panel Judge’s decision other than at a Border Fancy Canary Judges’ Panel meeting.
    7. At all times to do all that we can to foster the interests of the Border Fancy Canary.
  9. If in doubt, never be afraid to seek a second opinion.