The aims and objectives of the Border Fancy Canary Club of Victoria Inc. are as follows:

  1. To promote, encourage and improve the keeping, breeding and exhibiting of canaries, with particular emphasis on the Border Fancy Canary.
  2. To adopt and maintain the recognised Standard of Perfection and Scale of Points for the Border Fancy Canary.
  3. To draw up and adopt uniform rules for show classification.
  4. To promote Exhibitions, Open Shows and Young Stock Shows, judged to the recognised Standard of Perfection for the Border Fancy Canary.
  5. To protect the interests of Members at all times.
  6. To purchase and maintain real and personal property for the execution of any, or all of the Objects of the Club.
  7. To act in conjunction with other Canary Societies in promoting and encouraging the keeping and breeding of canaries in a proper manner.
  8. To form and maintain a competent Panel of Judges.